Trolley Bags are so simple. And that’s what makes them brilliant! Plastic bags, and even the green recycled bags, are a thing of the past. Make shopping easier and quicker with Trolley Bags. This new way of packing groceries at the counter is pure simplicity. It’s quicker to get in and out of the shops and almost (we did say almost) makes grocery shopping fun! A complete system of 4 different sized reusable bags attached together with Velcro, that are used to pack the grocery shopping right at checkout as your goods are scanned.

The 4 colour coded bags simply fan out and spread across the top of any supermarket trolley, allowing you to pack the way you want. Use the big bag at one end for the bulkier, lighter items and smaller, heavier items in the small bag at the front. Simply detach each bag and place into the boot of the car for the trip back home to unpack. Packing, Sorted!
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Trolley bags are sold as a set of four bags. When ordering you are ordering by the set. Therefore setting the quantity to 1 means you are ordering 1 set of 4 bags. Trolley Bags are a system of reusable shopping bags that are used to pack your shopping at the supermarket checkout. In one simple action the Trolley Bags system spreads out and rests on many supermarket trolley giving you a series of open and upright bags into which you can pack and sort your shopping with both hands.

Hang Trolley Bags at the back and shop as normal.

With all empty trolley, simply rack your Trolley Bags.

Open your Trolley Bags. Now you have multiple bags to pack and sort with both hands.

Trolley Bags separate along the Velcro rails to be lifted into your car.